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  1. The Warrior Within

    The Warrior Within


    Masters of various martial arts -- including karate, kung fu, jujitsu, kendo and tai chi -- gather to honor Bruce Lee in this absorbing 1976 documentary. Through demonstrations and conversations about Lee's philosophies and one-of-a-kind style, the experts -- Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Alex Sternberg, Dan Inosanto, Fumio Demura and others -- celebrate the life of the man who took his art to new heights. Learn More
  2. Superfit: Royce Gracie's Ultimate Martial Arts Fitness & Nutrition Guide

    Superfit: Royce Gracie's Ultimate Martial Arts Fitness & Nutrition Guide


    Royce Gracie has teamed up with James Strom, fitness coach for Keyshawn Johnson, Serena Williams, and the University of Southern California Trojans, to create a customised programme for martial artists. This unique programme of strength training, cardiovascular routines, flexibility exercises, and nutrition includes step-by-step, full-colour workout plans for beginner, intermediate, and black-belt practitioners. Provided are guidelines for working out solo or with a partner, information on complete nutritional programs for different body types and martial art styles, and injury-prevention tips. This book is appropriate for beginning martial artists wanting to sharpen their bodies and minds, black-belt instructors looking for new ways to improve and motivate their students, or anyone interested in building a body of extreme effectiveness. Learn More
  3. Hong Kong Action Cinema

    Hong Kong Action Cinema


    This book tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the high-octane world of Far Eastern film-making: from the balletic to the ballistic, from the grace of Bruce Lee to the bullet-ridden bloodletting of John Woo, from the comedy stunts of Jackie Chan to the action choreography of Ching Siu Tung, from versatile leading man Chow Yun Fat to fighting females Michelle Khan and Cynthia Rothrock, from prolific action director Samo Hung to Tsui Hark, dubbed the 'Steven Spielberg of Hong Kong'. It is also a comprehensive guide to the history of Hong Kong cinema, tracing the background to this exciting film genre from filmed Chinese opera, through the work of the Shaw Brothers and Lau Kar Leung, to the mixture of fantasy and fast-moving action that typifies the present day style Learn More
  4. UFC 45 Revolution

    UFC 45 Revolution


    In the UFC 45 Revolution DVD main event, Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes defends his belt against top-ranked contender Frank Trigg in a grudge match two years in the making.
    The co-main event is a battle of big punchers as UFC legend Tank Abbott takes on young brawler Cabbage Correira.
    Features a total of 9 ultimate fights on one DVD!
    Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg
    Evan Tanner vs. Phil Baroni
    Wesley Correira vs. David Abbott
    Yves Edwards vs. Nick Agallar
    Keith Rockel vs. Chris Liguori
    Pedro Rizzo vs. Ricco Rodriguez
    Robbie Lawler vs. Chris Lytle
    Matt Lindland vs. Falaniko Vitale
    Contains special ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the UFC including legendary fighters Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock's induction as the charter members of the new UFC Hall of Fame! Learn More
  5. UFC 50 The War of '04

    UFC 50 The War of '04


    On the UFC 50 The War of 04 DVD, Tito Ortiz outlasted previously unbeaten Patrick Cote, winning a unanimous decision in three rounds. Matt Hughes captured the UFC World Welterweight Championship belt for a record sixth time by defeating Georges St. Pierre. The War of 04 UFC DVD undercard features Rich Franklin, Jorge Rivera, Frank Trigg, Renato Verissimo, Evan Tanner, Robbie Lawler, Ivan Salaverry, Tony Frylund, Travis Lutter and Marvin Eastman. A total of 7 exciting fights!

    Buy the UFC 50 The War of 04 DVD, and see which fighters walk away as conquerors and which are vanquished. Learn More
  6. Bas Rutten's MMA Career DVD

    Bas Rutten's MMA Career DVD


    This three DVD set contains all of Bas Rutten's complete Pancrase fights, even his losses, plus the high-lights of his UFC fights. 6 Hours of footage and with a nice little feature, you can click on a "button" and you will hear Bas Rutten doing the color commentary of his own fights, he will go with you over what he thought at that moment and how he set things up. Every fight has slow-mo's and Bas will talk again about how he exactly set things up. This DVD set is not only fun to watch, but also very educational! Learn More
  7. UFC 62 Liddell vs. Sobral

    UFC 62 Liddell vs. Sobral


    Heavyweight Champion Chuck ""The Iceman"" Liddell puts his title on the line against top contender Renato ""Babalu"" Sobral. Plus, a rematch of one of the most exciting fights in UFC history - Forrest Griffin versus Stephan Bonnar. On UFC DVD 62, fighters featured on the undercard include Nick Diaz, Josh Neer, Cheick Kongo, Hermes Franca, and Wilson Gouveia. A total of 9 bouts.

    Buy the UFC Liddell vs. Sobral DVD, and see a title fight plus a rematch of one of the best-ever UFC fights.
    Event Bouts:
    Chuck Liddell Vs. Renato Sobral
    Forrest Griffin Vs. Stephan Bonnar
    Josh Neer Vs. Nick Diaz
    Cheick Kongo Vs. Christian Wellisch
    Hermes Franca Vs. Jamie Varner
    Wes Combs Vs. Wilson Gouveia
    Cory Walmsley Vs. David Heath
    Rob MacDonald Vs. Eric Schafer
    Yushin Okami Vs. Alan Belcher Learn More
  8. UFC 68 The Uprising

    UFC 68 The Uprising


    2007 Ultimate Fighting Championship event. Former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture comes out of retirement to face off against current heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia in the main event. Other battles include Matt Hughes vs. Chris Lytle, Rich Franklin vs. Jason MacDonald, Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFedries, Matt Hamill vs. Rex Holman and more. Learn More
  9. UFC Ultimate Knockouts V.1&2

    UFC Ultimate Knockouts V.1&2


    This packed compilation features more than 40 of the best knockouts in the history of UFC slugfests, stretching from 1993 to 2002. Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture headline the roster of UFC stars who step into the squared circle. Learn More
  10. UFC 48 Payback!

    UFC 48 Payback!


    In the UFC 48 Payback DVD main event, hall of famer Ken Shamrock meets Hawaiian fighting legend Kimo in a rematch of their battle 8 years ago. The co-main event is a battle for the UFC Heavyweight Championship between former champion Tim Sylvia and top submission fighter Frank Mir.

    Also on the Payback UFC DVD, Frank Trigg crushes Dennis Hallman in their rematch from the controversial WFA bout years ago. The undercard features such UFC stars as Phil Baroni, Evan Tanner, Matt Hughes, ''Charuto'' Verissimo, Georges St. Pierre, and Matt Serra.

    Buy the UFC 48 Payback DVD, and watch legendary fighters battle for supremacy.
    Learn More
  11. UFC 54 Boiling Point

    UFC 54 Boiling Point


    June 4, 2005 – Before a sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell makes his first title defense against the man who handed him his first ever defeat – Jeremy Horn. The undercard features the return of Randy "The Natural" Couture, the UFC debut of The Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Sanchez, and a highly anticipated welterweight match-up between Georges St. Pierre and Frank Trigg. A total of 8 fights. Learn More
  12. UFC 65 Bad Intentions

    UFC 65 Bad Intentions


    Sacramento Arco Arena, November 18, 2006 – UFC welterweight title challenger Georges St. Pierre will square off with champion Matt Hughes for the biggest fight of his young career, a chance at redemption against the only man to beat him. UFC 65 also features the UFC heavyweight title bout between champion Tim Sylvia and challenger Jeff Monson.

    Event Bouts: UFC Welterweight Championship Matt Hughes (170) vs. Georges St. Pierre (169)

    UFC Heavyweight Championship Tim Sylvia (262.5) vs. Jeff Monson (237.5)

    Frank Mir (254) vs. Brandon Vera (230.5) Alessio Sakara (204) vs. Drew McFedries (202) Joe Stevenson (155) vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishima (154.5) Nick Diaz (171) vs. Gleison Tibau (171) Antoni Hardonk (242.5) vs. Sherman Pendergarst (247.5) Hector Ramirez (203) vs. James Irvin (205.5) Josh Schockman (235) vs. Jake O’Brien (232.5) Learn More

Items 97 to 108 of 205 total

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