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Exotic Weapons

Exotic martial arts weapons

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  1. Double Dagger

    Double Dagger


    <p>ring daggers are always used in pairs. These practice daggers have diamond-cross section blades and are not sharp. Weight: 6 oz each - Length: 12" each.</p>
    <li>Used in Pairs</li>
    <li>Not Sharp</li>
    <li>Weight - 6 oz each</li>
    <li>Length - 12" each</li>
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  2. Wooden Suburito

    Wooden Suburito


    <li>Samurai practice training sword.</li>
    <li>Hardwood construction</li>
    <li>Balanced sword.</li>
    <li>Perfect for practice and training</li>
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  3. Wooden Shoto with Scabbard

    Wooden Shoto with Scabbard


    Wooden Shoto with Scabbard Learn More
  4. Cane: Oak Street Cane

    Cane: Oak Street Cane


    The shaft is round and sanded to a smooth finish. Complete with a large crook and an angled horn, this cane has been designed for training and the street. Learn More
  5. Pu Dao:  9 Ring Wushu Pu Dao

    Pu Dao: 9 Ring Wushu Pu Dao


    <p>Traditionally handcrafted medium weight steel, chrome plated for easy care. This weapon is essentially a broadsword blade mounted on a half-sized staff, combining the best attribute of sword and staff. It was used to cut out the legs of horses in wartime. Bladed section measures 22" with a wood handle- overall length measures 60" with a combined weight of 2.5 lbs. Makes a wonderful ornament item.</p>
    <li>Broadsword Blade</li>
    <li>Handcrafted </li>
    <li>Chrome Plated</li>
    <li>Bladed section measures 22"</li>
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  6. Naginata: Dragon Engraved Naginata

    Naginata: Dragon Engraved Naginata


    <p>Naginata: Dragon Engraved Whether this is for a show piece or to practice, this naginata dragon engraved blade will make you feel like you are ancient times. This authentic blade will let you keep opponents at a distance, where any advantages in height, weight, and upper body strength would be narrowed. Our naginata dragon engraved blade is 5 ft long with a gold painted dragon on the sheath.</p>
    <li>Dragon Engraved</li>
    <li>Authentic Blade</li>
    <li>5ft Long</li>
    <li>Great show piece</li>
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  7. long stick axe

    Axe: Long Wushu Stick Axe


    <p>This product is made of light forge steel with a overall length of 78" and weight of 3.5 lbs.</p>
    <li>Lightweight forged steel..</li>
    <li>Chrome plated for easy maintenance</li>
    <li>An axe is attached on one side of a heavy staff</li>
    <li>At the other end is an iron point for stabbing</li>
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